Welcome to Langfang Sanxing Chemical Industry Co。, Ltd。

Contact us

Sales telephone of District A:0316-5788623
Sales fax of District A:0316-5790178
Address of District A: High-tech Chemical Industrial Park, Liuge village, Dacheng County, Hebei Province

Sales telephone of District B:0316-5711111,0316-5711651
Sales fax of District B:0316-5711181
Address of District B: westbound 500 meters from the intersection between Langbo Road and Qinghe Line at the crossing of Liuyuan village, Dacheng County, Hebei Province

Technical hotline: Manager Zhao 18631698801  Zhang Yubin 13833657588
Website:http://www.biggups.net Ali shops http:
Network solid name: Langfang Sanxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Email:sxhg@cnsxhg.com zgy@cnsxhg.com

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